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Welcome to the Neighborhood: How Brand Ambassadors Can Build Momentum in a New Market

When you enter a new market, it is imperative that you focus on more than just marketing and sales. You need to build relationships with the local community and educate the new market about your brand. One effective way to do this is through the use of brand ambassadors, whether they are paid brand ambassadors or highly engaged customers. But you can’t just send them into the community without a plan. As with any marketing venture, you need a solid plan and set goals for your brand ambassadors to succeed.

Here are five ways brand ambassadors can help build brand momentum in a new market or neighborhood.

Embrace the Season: If you are opening your business or launching your brand around the holidays or close to a big event (like the Super Bowl or March Madness) then you can embrace the season and incorporate it into a big event. Host a Christmas party in your new location and invite the neighborhood business owners and patrons. You can

Sample your Product Throughout the Neighborhood: Did you recently open a bakery or deli? Hire brand ambassadors to take samples of your favorite menu items to local businesses. You may even be able to arrange for local businesses to host a booth for a day where brand ambassadors can give away samples. As long as your business doesn’t directly compete with the hosting business, they’ll likely be thrilled to offer freebies to their customers for a day.

Host Weekly Mixers: If your business has a big open space (like an art gallery or a restaurant) you may consider hosting events to get to know your new neighbors. Since your business is new, this can be a good way to get people in your doors for the first time and to make an impression on your future customers. Just make sure whatever gathering you host makes sense for your brand. If you own a wine shop, for instance, wine and cheese night would be ideal. If you own a cellular service provider, a social gathering where people get to mingle and communicate would be more on brand.

Give Them Something to Talk About: Brand ambassadors love your brand and want to share it with others, but a quick one-liner on Facebook or Twitter about how fun or cool you are isn’t enough; they need to be able to tell a story. So, give them something to talk about. Cultivate a list of local brand ambassadors, and send them regular emails or other correspondence updates of upcoming events, details about your history and brand, and personal testimonials from customers and employees.

Have a Neighborly Chat: A big part of building relationships and establishing your business in the community is talking to people and getting to know them (and letting them get to know you). Send your brand ambassadors into the neighborhood with the goal of talking to as many people as they can. They should introduce themselves apart of your business, and then just chat. It’s not about sales or marketing; this is about establishing trust, building a connection, and introducing your brand to the neighborhood.

Having brand ambassadors is an excellent thing for any business, but knowing how to use them to market in a new location effectively, is essential. When you enter a new market, your task isn’t simply to announce your brand to the neighborhood and hope to find customers. It’s important to establish your business as a part of the community. Building personal relationships through the use of brand ambassadors makes this process easier and more authentic.

For more tips on using brand ambassadors to market your brand or business, contact Modern Promos. We can staff your next event with passionate, professional brand ambassadors.

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