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Maintaining Brand Consistency in Experiential Marketing

What does it take to make a business succeed? There are any number of answers. Obviously, you need a good product or service, a strong business model, and alignment with the right customers. But at the root of all of that is a solid, consistent brand. An established and consistent brand makes you memorable and helps with every piece of your marketing. It is also an essential component of a successful experiential marketing campaign.

What makes a strong brand?

Branding is about more than colors and fonts (though they are certainly important components of a strong brand). Branding incorporates everything about how a company presents itself to the world. Your tagline, mission statement, customer acquisition methods, advertising, and marketing are all part of your brand. Every action your business takes, from donating to charities to releasing new products and designing new ad campaigns, contributes to your brand image.

Think of your company as a person. Learn all you can about this person and their personality. Is this person an environmentalist? A party lover? Is she into antiquing on the weekends? What movies does she love? What books does she read? Is she addicted to Instagram? If you own a fast food restaurant, you may identify your brand as casual, relaxed, friendly, and convenient. It would be in line with your brand to have fun commercials that focus on friendship and fun times. It would be inconsistent with your brand to do an in-depth marketing campaign focused on environmental awareness.

How to maintain brand consistency on experiential campaigns

Before you take the first steps toward planning an experiential marketing campaign, consider your brand. Here are some ways to keep a consistent brand identity while building an experiential marketing campaign.

Only giveaway “swag” if it makes sense: In an experiential marketing situation, it can be tempting to give away little “tokens” or pieces of swag. But don’t be that person handing out pens. Sure, people will use the pens, but they’re boring and almost never brand consistent. If you decide to send participants away with a parting gift, make it something on-brand and useful, like a free meal or 20% off their first order.

Consider your theme: Are you planning to center your experiential marketing campaign around an event like a sporting event or community activity? If so, does this activity align with your brand? It would be consistent with their brand for a restaurant to host an experiential marketing campaign at a street fair or other social event where food is the obvious focus. It would be inconsistent to plan the same event around an art gallery opening. (Though an art gallery opening would be a perfect place for a wine company to do a tasting.) Consider the theme of the event you are working with and ask yourself, “Is this consistent with my brand?”

Choose the right location: If you manage a sporting equipment store, it may make sense to host an outdoor hike in a national park. It would likely seem strange if a cell phone company hosted the same hike. Before you pay a deposit for a location, ask yourself, “Does this location match my brand?”

Choose the right representation: Staff can make or break your event. If you hire a team of experiential marketers who don’t personify your brand, then customers will be confused by the inconsistency, and your event will not be as successful as it could otherwise be. At Modern Promos, we work with our clients to staff their events with Brand Ambassadors that act as the face of your brand, so you can have brand consistency even when you’re not running an event.

We believe in the power of experiential marketing to help you build stronger relationships with your customers and reach your target audience. But creating a successful experiential campaign doesn’t just happen; it takes time, effort, and foresight to make sure all of your branding elements are consistent and aligned with your business and your audience. For help planning or staffing your next experiential marketing event, contact Modern Promos today.

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