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It’s All About the People - 5 questions for finding the right fit

You live and breathe your brand. You know what consumers should learn about your brand. You even know what questions they are going to ask about your brand.

But, you can’t be everywhere. So at some point, you need to trust an agency to find people that can represent your brand the way you would like to if you had all the time in the world to meet your customers face to face. This time of need may be a summer sampling event, a retail roadshow, a trade show or any number of live brand engagements.

Once you have an agency in mind, you will want to ask some specific questions.

1. Do you hire your staff directly or use a third party staffing agency? Hiring staff directly will mean more control over the program and a more efficient spend of dollars.

2. What is your process for recruitment, selection and hiring? There are agencies that “blind book” meaning they hire someone via e-mail based on their application and have no personal contact with them.

3. What is your training process? A solid agency will have a recommended process in place, but yet be flexible enough to accommodate your individual program needs.

4. How will I know what’s happening in the field? Again, the agency should have a reporting process in place, but also be able to make adjustments for specific data, photos or other needs.

Let’s hold off on #5 for a moment. By now, the agency should have also asked you several questions. The brand demographic and target audience will affect what you are looking for in a Brand Ambassador so the agency will ask if you are looking for a certain type of person, a particular skill set or a specific trait. This is essentially a casting process; it is ok to specify that a person needs to be familiar with horses if your product is horse tack and you will be at an industry event and it is ok to request that your representatives have hair of a certain length if they will be demonstrating a styling product.

Once you have outlined your vision for the event staff, it’s time for #5.

5. Describe to me the person you will be recruiting for this position. This is the time to ensure that your requests have been heard. Ask the agency to recap your needs and confirm their next steps so that everyone is on the same page.

It is an exciting time - seeing your brand come to life for an experiential event. Choose the right partner by knowing what you are looking for. Feel free to ask us these questions. Email us info@modernww.com. Prefer phone? Give us a ring 651.796.3525.

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