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Is Your Business A Good Candidate for Brand Ambassadors?

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely interested in finding new ways to market your business. The use of brand ambassadors (people who are passionate about your brand and spread the word to others) is one way to increase your brand’s visibility and get new customers excited about your product. There are two different kinds of brand ambassadors: natural brand ambassadors (real customers who are vocal about your brand and have an extensive social network) and paid brand ambassadors (professional “hype” people who personify your brand at experiential marketing events and throughout the neighborhood). Brand ambassadors, when utilized correctly, can be a highly effective form of marketing because they put a face on your brand and aren’t clouded in marketing. People are more likely to try a brand if someone they love and trust advocates for it.

While all businesses can benefit from brand ambassadors, but some have more to gain than others. Is your business a good candidate for brand ambassadors? Here are some traits of businesses that are strong candidates for brand ambassadors.

You Have A Lot of Competition: The more competition you have, the more you will benefit from the positive interactions of brand ambassadors with your customers. High competition means that your customers have a lot of options, and anything that can differentiate your brand from the competition is an asset.

Your Business is Food-Related: Restaurants and other food-related products are often strong candidates for brand ambassadors. Sometimes, people can be hesitant to try a new restaurant because if they don’t like it, they’ve wasted a meal on it. Also, as mentioned above, restaurants have a lot of competition, so the additional

Your Product is Relatively Expensive: If you’re selling something that requires a significant investment, brand ambassadors can help do some of the selling and marketing for you. They can help overcome objections as they relate to price or features, and they can show off the end-result of the purchase. Luxury automakers, high-end technology companies, and clothing designers fall into this category.

You’re a Small, Local Business: When you’re a small business owner, brand ambassadors are one of the best ways to market your business. Brand ambassadors can sample your products, hand out fliers in local businesses, and host local events. They can put a face to your brand name and build local connections from the ground up.

You Don’t Compete on Price: If you compete on price (you’re the cheapest brand in your market), then you don’t necessarily need brand ambassadors. The fact that you’re the lowest cost option is already a differentiating factor. If, however, you compete on customer service, features, or design, then brand ambassadors can help explain the things about your brand that make it unique and help potential customers see the value you bring to the table. Cell phone carriers and insurance companies are good examples.

You Have a Niche Product: Do you have a unique product that can benefit from a tutorial in new markets? Is your product the first of its kind? If you’re selling something that doesn;t have a clear value or purpose, you will benefit from brand ambassadors. In this case, brand ambassadors are not only strong advocates of your brand, but they can also save time in the buying process by making your product relatable and easy to understand.

All businesses can benefit from brand ambassadors. After all, no brand is going to turn down excited customers hoping to share their experience with a broad audience. However, some businesses can benefit a lot more than others. If your business falls into one or more of these categories and you’re interested in learning more about how brand ambassadors can grow your business and audience, contact Modern Promos today. Our engaging and professional brand ambassadors can connect with your customers, build relationships with your target market, and show off the best features of your brand.

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