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Integrating Experiential Marketing In Summer Events

Summertime is always bustling with outdoor events, big and small, all across the country. Your brand can create an experience and connect with consumers on a whole new level through experiential marketing with these key points and a little help from Modern Promos.

Why integrate experiential marketing into your summer events?  

Summertime sizzles with personal engagement opportunities nationally for consumer brands looking to build top-of-mind awareness and create purchase intent. Many attendees are on vacation or enjoying family time (looking to make memories) and are less rushed compared to their normal daily routine, making them more open and receptive to brand messaging.  Done authentically, conversation, real conversation ensues.

2018 Panda Express - Experiential
2018 Get Up DC - Experiential

Authentically knit brand with experience.

The most successful brands create experiences that not only will excite the consumer, but also tie into the fabric of the brand, forming a natural and believable connection.  It is a feeling of “This brand gets me, I want to know more.”  Creating experiences that capture attention and create memory imprint is paramount.  For a consumer packaged goods brand, weaving the product samples into the experience is key.  Create an experience that invites consumers to try your brand during the experience. This will give you and your team additional all important ‘face-time’ to inform about your product, and to harness direct feedback.

2017 Roy Rogers - Experiential

Create passionate advocates.

ROI for experiential events is a moving target.  Social media ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ are much tougher to come by than in just the past few years.  And the value of this scripted/promoted activity is murky at best. ‘Real passion’ is the holy grail for brands as consumers are getting much smarter and can identify influencers that may be getting compensated vs. a friend who just had a great experience and wants to let everyone know (the latter will go much further).

2018 Bakery On Main - Experiential

Are virtual experiences the key?

Identifying what the experience is and consists of is critical.  Virtual Reality is hot and widely integrated into experiential programming now.  Is it a novelty that will wear off or here to stay? There is a wide range of options as far as the content, and an associated wide range in cost.  If brands can leverage virtual or augmented reality to tell the consumer a great story via this experience, then it is a value add to the experiential toolbox.  Keep in mind that one can add a version of virtual reality to a mobile phone, (inexpensive option) so consider the scale and scope of the virtual experience balanced against throughout and lead generation metrics.

The playing field can be level.

There will be numerous brands at these summer events, all trying to impress potential consumers.  While emerging brands likely won’t have the resources that a fortune 500 counterpart will, out of the box thinking and creativity can go a long way to even the playing field.  Work in conjunction with your partners, so that everyone is on the same page and realize benefits from the resources allotted for these experiences. No one wants to show up at an event and be shown up by a competitor in the same category, because your budget was compromised.

2018 Navitas Organics - Experiential
2018 Sprint - Experiential

If you want to create a memorable creative experience for your brand, on any budget,  contact Modern Promos.

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