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How to Keep Your Brand Flame Burning This Winter

As the air begins to chill and bare tree branches tell us that crisp fall days are behind us, it’s a reminder that winter is coming. And while you’re bundling up and enjoying the snowfall, your clients are looking for any excuse to stay home and binge on Netflix while avoiding the frost. Depending on your business, sales can either slow down in the winter months or get supercharged as people prepare for Christmas and other gift-giving holidays. Don’t let your brand get left out in the cold! Here are a few ways to keep your brand flame burning this winter.

Host Seasonal Events

If your company has a brick and mortar location, and you feeling like getting to know your local community, you can host a seasonal event. While Christmas is a popular time to host winter events, it is also a crowded time. You may have more luck scheduling your event for  early December or late January. You could even host a Valentine’s party! Promote your event throughout your community and via social media. Entice people with a hot chocolate tasting, seasonal merchandise (oversized mugs and mittens, you say?) and other appropriately themed items. This can greatly improve your customer experience and help build a brand connection.

Sponsor Local Winter Activities

Does your community host an annual holiday bazaar? Do you have a big social gathering where vendors come together to sell to the public? These can be magical opportunities to not only engage with your audience, but closely align your brand with winter, gifting, or the holidays. Spend some time searching your city for events. Once you have an event scheduled, make sure you plan a creative way to market your product to stand out from the other vendors.

Use Guerrilla Marketing To Send People to the Events

Big city-wide events attract a lot of people. Think of all the people who will be there as the product of spray marketing (marketing to a lot of people at once with the understanding that some of them will buy from you, but most will not). Spray marketing is an effective way to get your name out there, but it’s not likely to result in a lot of paying customers. You can counter this with target marketing efforts through guerrilla marketing (or other tactics). For instance, if you are going to have a booth at a bizarre, you can post flyers around the neighborhood teasing your holiday products without referencing your brand name or the event. Guerrilla marketing will increase your brand awareness and keep your customers engaged.

Focus Your Message

Winter is a great time to provide your audience with helpful tips, tools, and resources that can help them through the cold weather. If you own a car dealership, you may want to offer free windshield wiper checks or post a blog about how to de-ice your locks. If you own a snack food company, you can write about easy ways to entertain a crowd on a budget, or with little time to prepare. Spend some time thinking of your customers and what really plagues them this time of year. Then solve some of those problems without asking for anything in return. You will make a drastic impact in your brand loyalty.

Use Experiential Marketing

While the winter is a tempting time to stay inside, it’s also a great time to get out in the elements for some holiday or winter themed activities. People LOVE to celebrate the season, so give them a chance to celebrate with your brand. Sponsor a local sporting event, set up a cookie station outside of a store, or give out free samples at a parade. You can learn more about experiential marketing and how it can impact your business and brand here

If you are excited for the winter and want to keep your brand or your agency client’s flame burning, contact Modern Promos today. We can get to know your brand, plan experiential marketing events, and staff them with our brand ambassadors. Happy winter!

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