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How To Get Your Snack on The Table For College Football Season

If you find yourself in deep conversation about coaches and formations, eating more snack food than actual food, and yelling at your TV while pacing back and forth screaming at a referee, then you may be a college football fan. College football season in America is more than just a sports season. It’s a time to celebrate your Alma Mater and feel truly connected to your city. It’s feeling your hands slowly freeze while you stand in the bleachers and cheer on your team when they’re 4th and goal. It’s teamwork and pride. It’s grass stains and hot coffee. It’s rivalries and old friends.

But college football season it’s just about the feeling in the air and the camaraderie among fans. College football season is also about the food. College football season is beer and pizza and hot wings. It’s all beef hot dogs, Coca-cola, and mustard. It’s the smell of smoke rising from a grill at a tailgate party or the stringy cheese that falls off a nacho as you pull it off a plate. It’s real guacamole and salsa. Food brings us together in a way that few other things can, especially when we’re celebrating our team making a play for the championship.

If your business operates in the snack food industry, there is no grail more holy than that of college football season. College football parties are big business for the snacking industry, and if you aren’t making a play for that business, then you could be missing out on huge profits. But getting your chips, snacks, drinks, etc. into the hands of college football fans doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, strategy, and effort.

Here are a few ways to get your snack on the table for college football season and start building real brand connections with your audience.

Use Guerrilla Marketing: Guerrilla marketing is a form of unconventional marketing that gets people’s immediate attention. It may be shocking, confusing, or even make people uncomfortable. The purpose of guerrilla marketing is to break away from traditional methods of marketing like social media, TV, and radio. In 2012, The Lung Cancer Association put billboards and signs all over U.S. cities. The advertisements said things like “Hipsters Deserve To Die,” and “Cat Lovers Deserve to Die.” The ads were so controversial that people in Chicago ripped them down in anger. The Deserve to Die campaign was a guerrilla marketing tactic to end the stigma against lung cancer. Neither do hipsters or cat lovers. Guerrilla marketing tactics are highly effective and memorable.

Sample Your Product: If you want to attract sports fans, you could arrange to pass out samples of your food at college games. You’d need to get permission from the venue and get any applicable license. You may be able to set up a food stand in the stadium and give away your snacks for free.

Have Special Offers: Is the home team playing this weekend? You can provide a limited time Team Special. It’s a good way to get new customers to try your product for the first time and create a positive brand experience.

Do In-Store Promotions: You could set up a tasting station at local grocery stores on game days. Schedule the tasting for a few hours before the games while people are out getting supplies for their parties. This is an excellent way to build a brand connection while people are already shopping for snacks.

Want to get your snack on the table for every college football viewing party? Contact Modern Promos today. We can help build brand awareness, increase consumer engagement, and get your future customers hooked on your snacks.

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