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How To Get Your Product On Everyone’s Shopping List

“He’s making a list and checking it twice.” We all know that this is the time of year when Santa composes his long list of names and decides who gets presents and who gets cole. But Old St. Nick isn’t the only one frantically scribbling down lists of things they need to remember as the holiday season approaches. People all across the country are making their shopping lists. From long grocery lists of everything they need to plan the family Christmas dinner to lists of presents for nieces and nephews and wish lists to send to family and friends for holiday gift giving. What do all these lists have in common? They are filled with products that have been adequately marketed to the right target audience.

Marketing your brand or agency is a difficult game any time of the year. As cold air turns to snow and ice and eggnog gets passed around tables more frequently than milk, it’s especially difficult to make your product stand out from the crowd.

If you’re hoping to get your product on everyone’s shopping list this year, here are some easy steps you can take to make it happen.

Sample Your Products Christmas dinner isn’t the time most people want to try a new food item. If you sell snacks, drinks, or anything else you’d like to get on Christmas grocery lists, you’d be wise to give your potential customers a chance to fall in love with your product. When you sample products, you:

  1. Create a brand experience

  2. Increase brand awareness

  3. Allow your customers to connect with your brand

Once your future clients have tasted your product, they’ll be able to toss it in their cart and begin building a relationship with your brand.

Demonstrate in Stores Do you know why those “As Seen on TV” products sell so well? Customers don’t have to test them out. They already know that the frying pan is going to make cooking Christmas breakfast way easier. They already know the vacuum is going to get every last piece of Stephanie’s craft glitter out of the carpet, and they already know that the blender is going to make Christmas drinks a snap. They know because they’ve watched it happen. You can get the same effect with in-store demonstrations. When you demonstrate your product, you:

  1. Improve brand perception

  2. Build a brand connection

  3. Increase brand awareness

Sponsor A Team or Event If there is a local holiday event or a big game happening in your city, ask if you can sponsor it. This may mean paying money to help plan the event in exchange for your brand being represented in the venue. It may also mean passing out samples of your product at the event. Sponsoring an event can improve the brand experience for your customers, as they begin to associate your brand with something they love to do. As a bonus, you can offer special offers to anyone who buys your product after the event. Event marketing is a great way to build brand engagement and develop a genuine brand experience with your customers.

Use Guerilla Marketing Guerilla marketing is any marketing scheme that breaks from the norm and gets people actively talking about your brand. Guerilla marketing plans tend to be low cost (and therefore easy to implement), creative, and eye-catching. A strong guerilla marketing campaign can get your product and brand noticed even amidst the sea of holiday products.

Getting your products on everyone’s shopping list is a huge goal. To succeed, you will need a solid campaign and some professional support. If you’d like to learn how our brand ambassadors can help spread holiday cheer to everyone on your shopping list, contact Modern Promos today.

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