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Engaging An Audience Vs. Making A Connection

Think about the majority of time and energy you put into your company’s marketing efforts. Most likely, both are focused on getting your message in front of the right people and making your brand memorable. Large corporations do this through TV or billboard advertisements, but you don’t have to be on television to get your message out there. You can build a social media presence, create radio ads, or use direct mail or email marketing tactics. There are any number of marketing tactics you can use to spread your message to the right audience, but unless you make a genuine connection with your potential customers, you’re likely wasting your money.

Think of it this way: everything you do in your business is correlated to an ROI (return on investment). The online ROI that matters when it comes to marketing is the cost per acquired customer. You can spend large sums of money attracting lots of people and inevitably end up with customers. Alternatively, you can use targeted marketing efforts to make a connection with your audience and convert a higher percentage of customers. The only way a potential customer becomes a paying customer is through a connection. You may think of it as brand loyalty, brand recognition, or alignment between your brand and the customer’s values, but some form of connection is necessary when building a successful brand.

The value of brand relationship and loyalty goes beyond the ROI and sales. Consider the cost of acquiring vs. the cost of retaining a current customer. The stronger your client feels about you and the connection to your brand, the more likely they will remain a customer. Establishing the connection saves you money in the long run. Also, loyal consumers who feel incredibly connected to your brand will share your message and become advocates for your company, telling other people about your brand and spreading a positive message about your products or services.

Here are some tried and true ways to build connections between your customers and your brand (that go beyond basic audience engagement).

Create A Consistent Brand Message: Your message is at the core of your brand. Genuine connection happens when your customers feel that your brand aligns with their personal values and beliefs. Doing this without consistency is impossible. The best and most magnetic brands are consistent in their messaging, images (logo, colors), and tactics. People will feel connected to your brand when they see themselves in the messaging, and they can count on you to stick to the same story. Before you focus on any customer engagement or interaction, make sure your brand is rock-solid and established across all of your marketing channels.

Interact With Your Audience: Now that you have developed a reliable brand, it’s time to interact with your audience. Standard audience interplay is one-sided. It comes from marketing and advertising. Developing a relationship and a close connection requires two-way communication and respect. To do this, you can create a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy that incorporates communication through social media and public events. Make sure you give your customers a chance to voice their opinions about your brand and products. Ask their opinions through polls or email questionnaires. Talk to them at events and get to know them. Another great way to improve customer relationships and develop a genuine connection with your audience is through the use of Brand Ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors are trained professionals that represent your brand and engage with your customers in a memorable and meaningful way. Brand Ambassadors from Modern Promos can host experiential marketing events in stores or company sponsored events in the community.

Reward Brand Loyalty: Once you have developed a strong connection with your audience, it’s important to nurture it. Reward brand loyalty and strengthen the connection between your brand and your customers through frequent buyer or loyal customer programs. You can also send out coupons and special codes via email to valued customers.

If you’re ready to stop blindly engaging with your audience and start making a meaningful connection, these tips will help you lead the way. For more information about how our Brand Ambassadors can improve your customer relationships, contact Modern Promos today.

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