• Eli Collins

5 things brands should expect from their experiential agencies in 2020.

Ok, so we all know that the New Year is the time for resolutions and goal-setting. But, it’s time to start setting some expectations for others as well. Experiential marketing continues to grow and evolve in 2020 and in return for those marketing dollars, there are certain things that brands (and agencies) should expect from their agency partners.

1. Integration. Experiential is no longer a standalone. It’s not enough to create a live experience and as an agency, we owe it to clients to ask about the big picture. What other marketing channels are being utilized? Do you have a vision for the social media integration? Can we provide ideas for extending the live experience beyond the footprint?

2. Cooperation. Because of the multi-channel campaigns that need to exist moving forward, multiple agencies are often involved in one project. For this to succeed, all parties need to “play nicely in the sandbox” and communication is key.

3. High caliber staff. Most live brand experiences involve hired event staff - Brand Ambassadors, product specialists, market managers and more. It is no longer enough to put a warm body out in the field. The audience has high expectations and every moment could be captured on social media, so well-trained, talented brand representatives are critical.

4. Efficiency. Even the big brands don’t always have big budgets. And even if they did, budget efficiency is a win-win for both parties. Sometimes that means considering multiple scenarios in the budget planning stage. For example, will a mobile tour be more efficient if one team is on the road for six months or two teams for three months? It’s not always the obvious answer.

5. Trends awareness. Not just following trends, but knowing when not to follow. When VR began its upward trend, everyone wanted to do it and it was an amazing addition for some brands. For others, it felt forced or perhaps wasn’t used to its full advantage and therefore left consumers unimpressed.

So, let 2020 be the year that we all expect a little more from each other. Want to see what you can expect from Modern Worldwide? Email us info@modernww.com. Prefer phone? Give us a ring 651.796.3525.

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