Agency Capabilities - Modern Worldwide
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Agency Capabilities

Strategy & Planning

Modern provides campaign planning from concepts and creative to execution and analysis. Utilize our team as an extension of your own and we will actively listen to your goals, blend them with realism from years of experience in the field and execute a top-level live event.

Creative, Design & Production


With in-house creative and trusted production partners, Modern can design, source and implement branded elements and interactions. Experiential vehicles, on-point event destinations and digital photos experiences, will all be thoughtful and impactful.

Activation & Staffing

With 40,000 talented and passionate field staff across 375+ metro areas, we have brand ambassadors, field managers, models, mascots and more, dedicated to representing our clients. We staff all programs 100% with no outsourcing, so our clients see efficiency of budget and greater accountability.

Immersive Technology

We understand the importance of technology and will assist in integrating it in a way that make sense both to the brand and the consumer. Our trusted technology partners complement the Modern team and work together on everything from data capture to VR and mobile apps.

Path to Purchase

Modern will seek to understand your purchase funnel and the role you need us to fulfill. Whether it is education in the purchase process, driving traffic to store or closing the deal in-store, Modern and our field teams will execute their parts and help you understand the impact.

In-Retail Activation

It is all about the purchase! From in-store demonstrations to parking lot activations, Modern has experience in grocery, mass merchandise, specialty stores and franchise businesses. We can help one struggling retail location or sample to consumers in 1,000 stores around the country.

Areas We Service

Here’s coverage map of where our staffing capabilities exist. We currently are able to provide services in over 375 US Metro areas. If an area is needed that we do not have a direct staffer located within our 40,000 field staff database, we have options of sending staff to that area. Please contact us for more information on how we can represent your brand or client nationwide.