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About Us

Let’s Face It.

Nothing engages consumers more genuinely and more effectively than a well-researched, well-choreographed, live promotional event. In fact, experiential marketing, on average, has a 10x reach via word-of-mouth.

Here in Minneapolis.

No company can create, plan, promote and execute a more engaging live event than Modern. Founded in 2006, our organization demonstrates unrivaled passion and leverages contacts and personal relationships with key venues in key markets to provide our clients with measurable and exceptional consumer-brand experiences.

Led by event maestro and founder – Jonathon Nelson

Projects are guided by the following core event-marketing innovation principles:


  • Strategies that engage and ignite authentic consumer-brand bonding.
  • Think Hyper-Targeting.
  • Engage consumers’ sense appeal: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell.
  • Listen attentively and record all feedback.
  • Make the most of a great moment by taking proven action steps.
  • Transfer the excitement of a live event to social media with the goal of producing more face-to-face and Facebook likes to execute best practices and adaptable marketing modules.
  • Maintain budget and schedule integrity.


Jonathon Nelson


Chief Experience Officer

Dave Schiesser

Vice President

Growth Strategy – West Region

Karen Walne

Vice President

Client Services